About Me


My name is Marcello or for all my English friends Marc, I’m 30 years old and I am a designer, who likes to observe trends and look for ourselves changes. I try to put these observations and my reflections on my work in some visual possibility: either through the graphic design, or through a photographic production.


I’m in favor of good design. For me it means simplicity, delicate graphic details, use of geometry and lines. People may refer to this as minimalism, but this is a current trend. Products, graphic design, layouts and interfaces in general are adhering to this aesthetic.

I try to follow this conceptual line, not only by the trend, but because it helped me develop my own artistic style as a designer. Graphically draws my attention and always intrigue me with what I can still developing.



Photography it is a passion. I’ve started developing them as a hobby through Instagram, but today I try to keep works in a professional level.

It is a pleasure for me, researching photographic works and watch different profile that inspire me. Artists and photographers I admire, made e develop a style and a personal concept of photography.

Photography is capture expressions, feelings, unique moments, reactions in the environment. Whether people, natural or urban scapes that deserve to be transmitted in certain way.